Latest Publications

Latest Publications

Rippner DA, Raja P, Earles JM, Buchko A, Momayyezi M, Duong F, Parkinson D, Forrestel EJ, McElrone AJ. 2022. A workflow for segmenting soil and plant X-ray CT images with deep learning in Google’s Colaboratory.  Frontiers in Plant Science- special issue on Machine Learning in Plant Science (in press)

Doherty CT, Johnson LF, Volk J, Mauter MS, Bambach NE, McElrone AJ, Alfieri JG, Hipps LE, Prueger JH, Castro SJ, Alsina MM, Kustas WP, Melton FS. 2022. Effects of meteorological and land surface modeling uncertainty on errors in winegrape ET calculated with SIMS. Irrigation Science (in press)

Chen F,  Lei F, Knipper K, Gao F, McKee L, Alsina MM, Alfieri J, Anderson M, Bambach NE, Castro SJ, McElrone AJ, Alstad K, Dokoozlian N, Greifender F, Kustas W, Notarnicola C, Agam N, Prueger JH, Hipps LE, Crow WT. 2022. Application of the Vineyard Data Assimilation (VIDA) system to vineyard root-zone soil moisture monitoring in the California Central Valley. Irrigation Science (in press)

Nieto H , Alsina MM, Kustas WP, García-Tejera O, Chen F, Bambach N, Gao F, Alfieri JG, Hipps LE, Prueger JH, McKee LG, Zhan E, Bou-Zeid E, McElrone AJ, Castro SJ, Dokoozlian N. 2022. Evaluating different metrics from the thermal-based Two-Source Energy Balance model for monitoring grapevine water stress. Irrigation Science (in press)

 Xue J, Anderson MC, Gao F, Hain C, Knipper K, Yang Y, Kustas WP,Yang Y, Bambach NE, McElrone AJ, Castro SJ, Alfieri JG, Prueger JH, McKee LG, Hipps LE, Alsina MM. 2022. Improving the spatiotemporal resolution of remotely sensed ET information for water management through Landsat, Sentinel-2, ECOSTRESS and VIIRS data fusion. Irrigation Science (in press) 

Burchard-Levine V, Nieto H, Kustas WP, Gao F, Alfieri JG; Prueger JH, Hipps LE, Bambach-Ortiz N, McElrone AJ, Castro SJ, Alsina MM, McKee LG; Zahn E; Bou-Zeid E, Dokoozlian, N. 2022. Application of a remote sensing three-source energy balance model to improve evapotranspiration partitioning in vineyards. Irrigation Science (in press)

Momayyezi M, Brown PJ, Duong FV, Earles JM, Forrestel EJ, Gilbert ME, Kluepfel DA, Raja PV, Rippner DA, McElrone AJ. 2022. Structural and functional leaf diversity lead to variability in photosynthetic capacity across Juglans regia accessions from a germplasm collection. Plant Cell and Environment (in press)

Gao R, Torres-Rua AF, Aboutalebi M, White WA, Anderson M, Kustas WP, Agam N, Alsina MM, Alfieri J, Hipps L, Dokoozlian N, Nieto H, Gao F, McKee LG, Prueger JH, Sanchez L, McElrone AJ, Bambach Ortiz NE, Coopmans C, Gowing I. 2022. LAI estimation across California vineyards using sUAS multi-seasonal multi-spectral, thermal, and elevation information and machine learning. Irrigation Science (in press)

Kustas WP, Nieto H, Garcia-Tejera O, Bambach NE, McElrone AJ, Gao F, Alfieri JG, Hipps LE, Prueger JH, Torres-Rua A, Anderson MC, Knipper K, Alsina MM, McKee LG, Zhan E, Bou-Zeid E, Dokoozlian N. 2022. Impact of advection on Two-Source Energy Balance (TSEB) model canopy transpiration parameterization for vineyards in the California Central Valley. Irrigation Science (in press)

Tang Z, Jin Y, Alsina MM, McElrone AJ, Bambach NE, Kustas WP. 2022. Vine water status mapping with multispectral UAV imagery and machine learning Irrigation Science (in press)

Bambach NE, Alfieri JG, Prueger JH, Kustas WP, Alsina MM, Hipps LE, McKee L, Castro-Bustamante S, McElrone AJ. 2022. Canopy level evapotranspiration uncertainty: The impact of different data processing and energy budget closure methods. Irrigation Science (in press)

Bambach NE, Kustas WP, Alfieri JG, Gao F, Prueger JH, Hipps LE, McKee L, Castro-Bustamante S, McElrone AJ. 2022. Inter-annual variability of land surface fluxes across vineyards: The role of climate, phenology, and irrigation management. Irrigation Science (in press)

Chin ARO, Guzmán Delgado P, Sillett SC, Kerhoulas LP, Ambrose AR, McElrone AJ, Zwieniecki MA. 2022. Tracheid buckling buys time, foliar water uptake pays it back – coordination of leaf structure and function protects deep redwood crowns. Plant Cell and Environment (in press)

Momayyezi M, Borsuk AM, Brodersen CR, Gilbert ME, Théroux-Rancourt G, Kluepfel DA, McElrone AJ. 2022. Desiccation of the leaf mesophyll and its implications for CO2 diffusion and light processing. Plant Cell and Environment (in press)

Kisekka I, Peddinti S, Kustas WP, McElrone AJ, Bambach NE, McKee LG, Bastiaanssen WGM. 2022. Spatial–temporal modeling of root zone soil moisture dynamics using random forest and remote sensing Irrigation Science (in press)